About me

Hi! I’m Lucho.

I’m a software developer with a background in C#/.NET and C++. I also like making games, whenever I get the time. My enthusiasm about interactive experiences lies, more specifically in narrative and AI, but my experience, so far, lies in tools and gameplay. Always happy to chat about Grim Fandango, if you ever see me around Guildford.

Although, I’ve already worked on a couple of projects focused on narrative, I am yet to showcase what I have been working on relating to the AI.

You can take a look at the games I’ve worked on further down this page, as well as on itch.io. You can find my resume here.


Experience and Skills

Over the past two years

  • C++ – as a part of Layer 1/Layer 2 development on telecom APIs
  • C# – Unity and .NET (WPF & WinForms; API development)


  • Android & Java – year-long course at university
  • BASH Linux shell scripting, Python & Jenkins CI work as a part of an 3-month internship
  • Embedded C experience with ARM & MSP430 – over several years as a part of a placement and university projects
  • Machine Learning & Computer Vision over the last couple of years at university



The Tree of Life

A top-down adventure game about emotional power, developed as a part of Guildford Game Jam: Power (2018).

Good Night, Good Morning

More of an abstract exercise in mood than a complete narrative experience, Good Night, Good Morning, was developed as part of Ludum Dare 41.

Space Co-Op QWOP in a coffee shop

Developed as a part of Global Game Jam 2018, this sandbox experience pits an astronaut in zero-gravity against menial chores in earth gravity.